Q&A: How to start an online radio station?

November 3rd, 2011

Question by z: How to start an online radio station?
I’m in high school, and a friend and I really want to start an online radio station. We basically just want a few broadcasts a week, where we can play some music and maybe take some requests from friends, talk about events happening in our town, and have some callers call in and talk about whatever they want. We don’t want a super long broadcast, probably just an hour at the most.

How would I go about starting this? Would it be free?

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Answer by AdIsHoR
it’s possible and it’s free..

All you need is winamp and shoutcast (plugin + gui) and all of them are free.

it’s simple, all you need is a computer, and internet connection and a public IP .

and you broadcast as long as you want.

Have fun, oh you can search for shoutcast on youtube for a video tutorial on how to use it, but it’s simple!

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