Q&A: How would Obama handle the terrorist extremist if elected?

November 16th, 2011

Question by Frankie M: How would Obama handle the terrorist extremist if elected?
Obama is weak on Israel and the Jewish hardliners are very wary of him and for good reason. How does Obama plam to handle the extremists/terrorist problem?

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Answer by smile
He would ask to have a sit down meeting with them, lol.

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  1. motocat says:

    Well, he talked like a war hawk in terms of going after the big one (Osama) in Pakistan, which Bush-McCain seem unwilling to do given the alliances they have with extremist Muslim nations such as Pakistan & Saudi Arabia. Regarding Isarael — how does the concurance of all media supported candidates (including Obama) in supporting Israel with billions in yearly aid have anything to do with terrorism? Do you mean will Obam do anthing different in regards to continued support of Israeli terrorism?!?

  2. Tom says:

    He would help them.
    He won’t allow the USA to get our own resources, so we are giving OUR money to the terrorists he adores.
    He will open the borders to allow them to freely invade us.
    He will coddle the terrorists of iran, chavez etc and bow down to them because he is a wimp.

    obama is WRONG for the USA!

  3. rafter1669 says:

    Who gives a s**t.Hopefully leave it to themselves to deal with and worry about his own country for once.I doubt that will happen though…

  4. piet lul says:

    he’d figure, if you can’t beat them join them.

  5. scrooge says:

    he’d nuke,nuke,nuke, Iran.

  6. justhanging says:

    Why should we worry what Israel thinks. They are terrorist themselves. They sunk the U.S.S. Liberty which they claim was a mistake but when survivors were interviewed they said they were flying the American flag high and that the Israeli’s ignored it. Israeli spy ring in the US. They are like the little brother in school starting up with all the kids then runs to the big brother for protection.

  7. cdguy says:

    He would treat Muslims and Jews as equals. This would isolate extreamists on all sides.

    By the way if he hated America maybe he wouldn’t be running for president of America.

  8. Mohammad C++ says:

    How the CIA trains terrorists and uses them as pretexts

    What is the USA doing in IRAQ?
    The most important thing that is happening in Iraq is that America takes Iraq’s oil reserves. Bin Laden – the executor for plans of the CIA – provided necessary pretexts for the USA to attack and put the plans in practice. Also at present Bin Laden – coordinated to the plans of the CIA – bomb attacks US solders and innocent people. The plans provide a false insecurity in Iraq. So other countries – like Japan, China and the European Union – can’t enter Iraq and invest capital.
    Nowadays oil is rising in price and the USA, decades ago, had realized that the growth of different industries in developing countries will make too much demand for oil and it will be too expensive. Also America realized that having control upon oil reserves of the world will make the USA continue being the number one superpower in the world and so, collaborating with the UK, made plans for the Middle East.
    Constituting the religious government in Iran and then the war of attrition between Iran and Iraq aiming economical destruction of the two countries was the first phase of the plans and when Iran ran out of breath, immediately the war was stopped because no part of Iran should have been owned by Iraq.
    Then Saddam, invoked by the USA, attacked Kuwait and the USA used it as pretext for attacking Iraq and then sanctions of the Security Council against Iraq were imposed on innocent people.
    Before entering Iraq, the USA made poverty in Iraq and it was so intense that the United Nations did “The Oil-for-Food Program.” That is to say they were getting oil and giving food to people who were dying of hunger. The sanctions against Iraq killed 500,000 children because needed medicines didn’t get.
    Why did the USA make poverty in Iraq? Because the USA had to go Iraq and continue executing plans and there shouldn’t have occurred any resistance from the Iraqi people. And at present, the Iraqi people are busy to daily living and all the insecurities are born by groups that are Islamic outwardly, but are directed by the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and the CIA. They fight against the USA outwardly, but execute plans of the CIA in actual truth.
    When most of Iraq’s oil reserves will be finishing, then it will be Iran’s turn for the USA to enter Iran and take its oil and other -Iran is full of different mines like copper and uranium – reserves. Mullahs ruling Iran have the duty of making necessary pretexts. This is the scenario of Iran’s ruling mullahs:
    From olden times fascist governments of the world did not live long and Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini tried to create fascist governments that live a long life. They drew people out to streets. People were doing demonstrations and had mottos but in actual truth, the mottos were in favor of the governments. People were voting, but they could only vote to the candidates who were elected by the governments. They led minds of people with popular organizations. The governments were democratic outwardly, but fascistic in actual truth.
    The Mullah regime in Iran is an advanced type of that governments designed by the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and the CIA. All ways of destruction of the government are blocked. For example there is Sepah Pasdaran to prevent military coup d’état. There is the Council of Guardians of the Constitution to stop the Parliament. And they have the Basij Forces to suppress opponent demonstrations of the people. The government is anti USA outwardly but it’s a strong fort that is controlled by levers grabbed by the USA and the UK in actual truth and no rival of the USA can penetrate it. If the USA himself does not destroy the government, that lives more than 100 years.
    The agenda of the Mullah regime includes:
    1- Continuing the programs of nuclear energy and atomic bomb.
    2- Insulting to the USA and burning the United States Flag.
    3- Protecting terrorist groups in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.
    4- Insulting to Israel and struggling to eliminate the country.
    5- Committing every kind of crimes.
    In brief, Iran’s ruling mullahs have the duty of complete destruction of Iran’s international esteem and they cause Iran to be hated by all people of the world.
    The USA causes Iran to be hated because it will be Iran’s turn after Iraq and performing plans in Iran is determined while nobody in the world will be asking: “Why do you do that?”
    Iran’s government is determined to provide such a poverty in Iran that when the USA enters Iran, people can’t resist at all and they should be grateful of saving them from the Mullahs.
    Also ordered by the USA, Mullahs have filled Iran with different weapons and when the USA enters Iran, there should happen such a great fire cracking that the USA pretends it was very very hard to capture Iran and involved very high expenses so the USA should get Iran’s oil for a long time in turn for the hard work.
    If we do a survey on Iran’s oil sale we notice that Iran has a small percent of the quota on OPEC and oil sale is very less than what it was selling during the reign of the Shah of Iran and Iran’s oil is a reserve for the USA.
    Imagine after ten years when oil will be over two thousand dollars a barrel and then China with expensive oil, but the USA with cheap oil -50 dollars a barrel-, will manage their industries. Which one of them will produce cheaper products? That’s the way the USA tries to remain the number one superpower in the world.
    About a century ago the UK was the first grade colonizer of the world. But it didn’t last long. After the Second World War the USA that had changed into a powerful country, began competing against the UK for colonies and so happened the nationalization of the oil industry in Iran when Mosaddeg was the prime minister and the Suez Canal when Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser was the president and…
    The UK noticed that the rival was very strong and could do nothing except compromising. Then Churchill told that they should divide the cake -the world- with the USA. And the two countries changed into allies and began developing plans for different countries for 50 years later, 100 years later, and even 200 years later.
    Penetrating religious groups in Islamic countries and exciting them against the USA and equipping them with arms was one of the plans.
    The USA wanted to make illegal remarks and plunder sources of the world. So the SIS and the CIA produced terrorist groups and the “terrorist” term, made them commit crimes, and incited worldwide hate and panic. It was for fighting against terrorists outwardly but plundering sources of the world. Terrorists are pretexts for putting evil plans in practice.
    Basically Moslem is a lazy person who does not have the patience for reading history books and knowing what the USA has done with Moslems. And if he does that, he will find what the UK has done with Moslems.
    Moslem likes reading his prayers for entering the paradise and if he is very smart, he is smart in earning money. A religious group -Islamic-, tends to make peace because the teachings of Islam are so. A Moslem never finds motives in himself for toiling, making capital, going other countries, buying weapons, and being a terrorist in other countries.
    If religious groups change into anti USA, armed, and very violent groups, it’s a change that is produced by the influence of the SIS and the CIA for using the religious groups as pretexts for what they want to do.
    If Islamic groups fight against Israel, it’s because Jews in America are a constant pest to the USA and the USA, making the country -Israel- for them and producing war in the country, made the Jews spend a lot of energy and capital in Israel. So the USA prevented the Jews from getting bigger than what they are and stopped them from intervening in internal affairs of the USA. Long term plan of the USA for Jews is transferring them to Israel.
    Right now the USA is developing a lot of violent and armed religious groups in Islamic countries and it has a lot of evil plans for the future of the world. Unfortunately the SIS and the CIA invoke religious groups to destroy historical monuments because it cauese worldwide hate and wrath against them.
    Question: Bin Laden, Khamenei, or other leaders of religious and violent groups, do they know that they are executors for evil plans of the SIS and the CIA?
    The answer is NO. The SIS and the CIA send some qualified persons in the groups. Islam doesn’t have a lot of things for humans at the present time and religious individuals are unaware persons and their brains look like empty bowls. So the officials of the SIS and the CIA can act like theoricians. They have faith classes, interpret and justify whatever they want and place them in the brains using Islamic methods. They introduce the US as “the Great Satan.” And express fighting, Jihad, and Shahadat -Struggle and Martyrdom in Islam- as the only way of getting a prosper in the future world. Then they arm humans and use them like robots. The robots are even ready to suicide. They also seal the brains so that any other information can’t enter the brains. For sealing the brains they tell: “Shahid Imam told that if you were somewhere that they were speaking contrary to your religion and your beliefs, desert them and don’t dispute against them because the Satan is lying in ambush and waiting for a chance to mislead believers toward perversion”.
    And in the end, which parts of the US government makes secret plans for the future?
    Apparently most of Senators of the USA don’t know about the secret plans and sometimes approve some bills that are contrary to the long term and secret plans. But the CIA is one of the actors of the plans.
    How does the CIA change the Presidents’ minds and make them conforme

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