Q&A: Looking for a hotel in Washington DC for less than $100 per night for Feb 8-10?

November 2nd, 2011

Question by Tracy T: Looking for a hotel in Washington DC for less than 0 per night for Feb 8-10?
We will be traveling through the Washington DC area on Feb 8-10 and are looking for an inexpensive decent hotel. Any help would be great.

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Answer by angelisa_noah
Try going to www.hotels.com or travelocity.com. Try something completely different and look a little futher out of the way and go to ww.bbonline.com. Perhaps you can find a cabin, or a bed and breakfast for cheaper.

Good luck

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  1. RDG78 says:

    Check with Motel6.com. They may have some facilities in the general area. Other than that, you should try to get a job with a hotel in your home area and see if they offer employee discount room rates. I used to work at a Holiday Inn, and they had a deal by which I could get a room anywhere for 15 bucks a night. It even worked for me in D.C. I was able to get a room within spitting distance of some of the Smithsonian museums. Normally, 15 bucks wouldn’t even cover the room taxes there.

  2. kitkat_137 says:

    Virginian Suites (Crystal City) and Capitol Skyline (Capitol Hill) both offer low rates on Travelocity.

    Chains such as Days Inn, Comfort Inn, & HJ should have cheap prices as well.

  3. burnsie1983 says:

    In addition to the suggestions listed above you could also try Priceline or Hotwire. If you are not familiar with how these sites work go to betterbidding.com. They have tutorials on how to use both sites and you can get some outstanding deals on some very nice hotels. Good Luck!

  4. Hello2u says:


  5. John M says:

    yeah sign up with last minute travel during the special promotion and you might be able to get away with paying a buck a night

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