Q&A: What is the underground shopping mall in washington dc? and where is it located?

February 12th, 2012

Question by malrose: What is the underground shopping mall in washington dc? and where is it located?
There is an underground mall in washington dc, what is the name and where is it?

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Answer by snowbunny360
I have no idea , but it sounds frightening – you should google it!

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  1. julie travelcaster says:

    The Crystal City Underground, in Crystal City, VA might be what you are talking about. There are restaurants underground in Union Station, the Old Post Office, and the REagan Trade Center, but not really a mall.

    Note Crystal City is in Arlington, just north of National Airport, and at the the Crystal City Metro Stop.

  2. beachbum says:

    crystal city, way cool place!!!!!!!!

  3. mike b says:

    I think your thinking of the Crystal City Underground. It goes for several blocks underground and connects a lot of buildings.There are also several shops and places to eat there. Personnaly, I prefer Pentagon City Mall a stop away from the Underground. Crystal City Underground is in Arlington at the Crystal City Metro stop.

  4. ctelly22 says:

    Sorry but Georgetown park mall is not underground. If you can walk in from the street then its not underground. Some people used to consider the shops underground because its within an office building and all of the stores were in the basement level, but now they just have a filenes there. Also years ago there used to be a completely underground mall in dupont circle, you can still see the entrances around the area, but that closed a while ago.

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