Q&A: where can i listen to radio mirchi 98.3 online?

February 27th, 2012

Question by : where can i listen to radio mirchi 98.3 online?
I want to listen to the radio mirchi or any other hindi radio station (which has like all the talk shows and commercials and all that kind of things and want them to be indian radio station) online(if possible Delhi ones). I shifted to Canada last year and I miss delhi radio station alot. I hate the ones over here…

thanks in advance

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Answer by Hari
Hundreds of Hindi Online Radios at http://hindiblog.ourtoolbar.com

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  1. Donk287 says:

    Tushar listen Radio Mirchi via internet
    Follow the following steps.

    1.Open Media player
    2.File >> Open URL.
    3.Enter URL as “http://www.radiofiji.com.fj/asx/radiomi…

    Otherwise, u can also copy this url and paste on internet browser and press Enter. It works

    ~ Don ~

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