Ron Paul Campaign Speech: Government Interventionism, Deficit, and Free Markets (1/4) (1988)

March 19th, 2012

January 22, 1988 Watch the full speech: Ron Paul announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination on February 16, 1987 during a party luncheon in San Francisco, California. During his announcement speech, Paul commented that “Big government is running away with our freedom and our money, and the Republicans are just as much to blame as the Democrats.” He later proclaimed himself as “a choice for freedom.” According to Paul, Libertarian Party leaders notified him that there would be little opposition to his run at the party’s September 1987 National convention. Paul campaigned for the nomination for the most part of 1987, traveling to numerous state conventions. He visited Pennsylvania in April to discuss the Libertarian Party’s platform with students from Penn State. Native American activist, and challenger to Paul, Russell Means of South Dakota also appeared at the event. Means had officially announced his Libertarian presidential nomination candidacy a day before Paul. While Means received heightened media attention for his comments regarding Native Americans and militancy, reports in the news media circulated that highlighted Paul’s calls for the nation to return to the Gold Standard, and diminish the power of the Federal Reserve. Paul and Means were described as members of the right and left wing of the Libertarian Party, respectively. By June, Paul was appearing at speaking events with Libertarian
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Let’s stay with matters arising from parliament, where the cost of Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka’s frequent trips abroad was brought up in the August House with the Prime Minister forced to defend himself amidst allegations that his recent trip to the USA cost the tax payer about 600000 Kenya shillings a night, that is in accommodation expenses alone… Responding to a question by Cherangany mp Joshua Kutuny, the prime minister did not deny the reported high cost of his hotel suite, saying as a prime minister he could not reside in a backstreet hotel and that the decision to book him in the hotel was done by the Kenyan embassy in Washington. Willis Raburu REPORTS
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  1. Fredman5551 says:


  2. wellingtonian says:

    I wonder how many? of these students still support Ron Paul from back in 1988.

  3. ltajambi says:

    Ron Paul doesn’t deliver babies, he recites the bill of rights to them and they? crawl out in anticipation of freedom!

  4. ronpaulitician says:

    The debt is a little bigger, but his points remain the same.?

  5. 2ndslaustas says:

    Update 2011 National Debt 15? trillion

  6. CazK88 says:


  7. chadalopolous says:

    @CazK88 ohhh nvm lol, you mean the destription lol? sorry

  8. chadalopolous says:

    @CazK88 1 of 4 not? jan 4th lol

  9. savedfaves says:

    He deserves the Guinness Record? for: The world’s most consistent politician.

  10. CazK88 says:

    Was this really Jan 1988? It? says Aug 1988.

  11. gotitans999 says:

    This was 21 days after I was born. I’m? voting for Dr. Paul in this election. =)

  12. TheDeJureTour says:

    “…a national debt of 2.5 trillion dollars.”

    And to think we are now adding billions? more each month.

  13. hizzlemafizzle says:

    @K20ej88 and 4 months after that, Ron Paul himself delivered all? the children.

  14. brownspottedbanana says:

    if you close your eyes, it sounds? like he said this yesterday. same messege then and now. the most consistant man in office in modern american history.

  15. carcabe says:

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is willing to turn us away from our path toward economic collapse and chaos. All of the others offer more of the same failed policies. All of the other candidates offer us the very UNREAL idea that government can fix our lives and give us all a fairy tale life. Ron Paul is the only one who is grounded in reality. Let’s support the one who accepts? the reality of the Constitution and that freedom is the only solution to the human condition.

  16. K20ej88 says:

    Ron Paul’s message is so potent that all the ladies in the audience? spontaniously became 5 months pregnant.

  17. timmy2001911 says:

    he is right with everything except timing … took another 30 + (!) years for the? shit hitting the fan.

  18. CartoonPoem says:

    I see a lot of baseless arguments here.? All Morons, just watch the video.

  19. skb0rzn says:

    @Arfat No no no, šŸ™‚ I am equating hypocrisy with religion and government. Thats how you know that they are corrupted beyond hope. Faith on the other hand, and personal relationships with the creator THATS another story all together, there are beautiful and deeply religious and spiritual people who no one has a right to say a word about their beliefs and faith. But it seems with power and institutions the corruption is rampant and the hypocrisy? blatant.

  20. chikombe1 says:

    @mbgah, Those who? burnt-out the IDPs out of their livelihood should allow them back unreservedly to their homes period! There is no room for pretext; these blabbermouth friends of yours should simply do what is right. In the same note you kept quiet when someone chose to pursue the impossible in every city. I hope shuttle diplomacy still rings a bell in your ears. What about the drove who spent fortune to lend credit to impunity at The Hague?

  21. markbatess says:

    and so we know just how much? the Odinga presidency will cost us all!

  22. zicomaxprogentic says:

    @ mbgah, very narrow minded kenyans, you need to be secluded with apes, or be given a chance to visit say, S. Africa. Kutunyi’s internet findings must have been full of virus, where? do you find a night’s stay costing even 2,000/ Usd?

  23. siasabora says:

    whats the big deal who paid? KENYA PAID…Kenyans taxpayers? got laid! Mr. SPEAKER!

  24. madscientistify says:

    @mbgah and with that i give u? african stupidity unmatched.

  25. mbgah says:

    IMF official lodging fee for DSK was abt usd 540/9t,Obama spent the night at UK ambassador residence.while a 3rd world country p.m called Amolo spent usd 7000/9t.This is embezzlement of tax? payers money while IDPS wako kwa camps

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