Rubio for Senate TV Ad, “A Generational Choice”

April 19th, 2012

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. yadig2012 says:

    *Marco Rubio 2016 !!!… ’nuff? said !

  2. dimebag2929 says:

    yo @xxminimusicianxx commentators within? the Cuban exile community in Miami said that Rubio was justified to continue to characterize himself as a son of exiles. so stfu.

  3. cmarkcarver says:

    Marco…your country needs you? now….HELP US!

  4. Oopstoobad6275 says:

    more? money for israel! yes!

  5. Huasteco09 says:

    Un mentiroso como él no? puede ser presidente. Marco Rubio nunca será presidente…..

  6. xxminimusicianxx says:

    Now proven to? be all lies about his background

  7. yadig2012 says:

    *Marco? Rubio’s 2016 campaign ad*

  8. BEARARMZ says:

    can we? trust him?

  9. lizard151103 says:

    In chinese Feng shui, big ears mean success!?

  10. MrDuarte59 says:

    when marco becomes president he will win the hispanic vote because hispanics are the most conservative people in? america especially when it comes to the social issues.

  11. JessiBlack316 says:

    calitolao, FUCK YOU! I’m just like him and I can tell you right now, neither one of us is from an ISLAND. So why don’t you go back to your bigoted dark closet and allow us real patriots to continue to keep to the ideals of the land of immigrants. That said. Rubio is a fucking asshole. And a testament to how both the diluted bad guys are fighting? for the same ideals as the good guys in differently. His vision of America is EXPANDING our ideals to foreign countries. The Founders didn’t WANT that!

  12. BlackRepublican2010 says:

    El? senador Marco Rubio quiere bajar los impuestos para todos los estadounidenses a diferencia de Democrats.Hispanics puede alcanzar el Sueño Americano al mantener más de lo que ganan y por los valores de la familia, la fe, la comunidad y la igualdad de oportunidades son los valores republicanos conservadores. ¿Por qué un hispano venir a Estados Unidos después de un largo viaje en barco desde Cuba o afrontar el desierto sólo para encontrar una nación justa como la que tan valientemente se escapó?

  13. calitolao says:

    fucking asshole cuban ,,go back to? your fucking island ,,

  14. staubin65 says:

    Marco? for President!

  15. UVAgirl12 says:

    I wrote this a long time ago, so it took me a while to remember, but what I was referring to was when he said, “my parents were born into? a society pretty much like every other in the world. Where if you’re not born into the right family or with enough money, you can only go so far.” What I meant was that Cuba has a very low degree of social mobility and Switzerland, on the other hand, has a fairly high degree of social mobility. I just meant that countries are different…

  16. chaset51 says:

    …thats not what he said, but ok.?

  17. TRButcher9586 says:

    LOL? at 31 libs “dislike”-ing this……. haters of America, clearly.

  18. Chaduke says:

    Didn’t you see the one the campaign released? Its a birth certificate from Hawaii. People still say its fake. There’s really nothing Obama could do to prove otherwise to these people because they have already decided what they want to believe. Evidence is not important. If you’re going to make an outrageous claim like the president of the US fooled everyone into gaining office, then you need to? produce some very significant, hard evidence. Until then its just a smear campaign.

  19. xcrunner111 says:

    are you kidding? me Chaduke?? It wouldn’t be a “Certificate of Live Birth”, real birth certificates actually certify where you are born. That’s why Obama either refuses to release or doesn’t have his.

  20. Chaduke says:

    Then they would just say it was a? fake.

  21. xcrunner111 says:

    nobody implied that America “created the modern world”, but its presence and leadership have had an instrumental role in either exemplifying or defending world freedom in the 20th century, something no other nation in the history of man had endeavored to do. Exceptional freedom is what makes America exceptional, and therefore currently? the greatest in all of human hisory (despite its flaws, whic together we always strive to overcome).

  22. CJVENOMZ666 says:

    Tipper gore=? Bitch

  23. MakeItGoSplodey says:

    while I don’t really like rap that much, I really strongly agree with you.? there are some rappers who are very poetic.

  24. Idolcruisefix says:

    for you: R.A.P. is Retards Attempting Poetry
    for me: R.A.P. is Rhyme And Percusion
    poetry spoken with any music at all is rap in my opinion. rap just put a name to? it, beat kniks did it too.

  25. TheGuga1110 says:

    the congress think they can beat up Dee Snider but it’s impossile? the guy is the fucking second chuck norris

  26. skyfire322 says:

    These guys just got? pwned.

  27. TheDeftonesVault says:

    In music history, not just American music history. Censorship affects all music.?

  28. 616Dave616 says:

    David Daniel Snider for president!.
    Also we must R.I.P. R.A.P.? (Rejected Also in Poetry).

  29. testilas says:

    this guy doesn’t need a lawer


  30. Yourismouter says:

    haha!? Dee Snider coming in casually and how he always is, is terrific!

  31. Yourismouter says:

    i agree? and i think zappa,denver,and snider are very underrated in their efforts for combating censorship

  32. bkeels002 says:

    I don’t know if its fully appreciated as such, but? this was a huge event in American music history.

  33. slats1828 says:

    Dee Snider? for president ,2012…

  34. j4unumber1 says:

    To those who clapped after Dee spoke? Thank? you.

  35. j4unumber1 says:

    You kicked ass? Dee! Great job!

  36. Andy Norris says:


  37. AbortedAdult says:

    Election of 2000
    Democrat’s Al Gore = restricts Freedom of Speech
    Republican’s George Bush = restricts Freedom? of Privacy

  38. charlesandhisworld says:

    This guy? is the man. They didn’t know what was comin’.

  39. Krow83 says:

    Hell yeah, Dee!!! This man is the epitome of metal. This man’s a fucking genius. Makes me real proud to have been brought? up in music by none other than TWISTER SISTER!!!

  40. martind586 says:

    the best part was when John Denver came in, ALL the Senators were shaken his? hand thinking he was going to be on their side….When Denver said,,Leave it alone,? its free speech, they didnt see that coming at all. LOL

  41. SuperThomasbear says:

    Three people? agree with music consorship.

  42. nobolettu says:

    my exact reaction!? shiiiiit

  43. nobolettu says:


  44. Crunchy68 says:

    It’s fun? how he played the audience by arriving in torn jeans, with his eloquent speech folded up in his back pocket like a forged “sick excuse note from Mom”. They expected him to be an idiot. They had no idea what they unleashed.

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