Screw Medicare – Family Responsibility (Senator)

February 9th, 2012

Republican Senator Tom Coburn told town hall attendees in Tulsa Oklahoma that Medicare is unconstitutional and a “family responsibility”. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down. Source: The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Support TYT for FREE:
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October 03, 2011 C-SPAN
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  1. johnnyboy2537 says:

    @lordway Why do people? think I’m Marxist? The rich are paying all-time lows and bringing in all-time highs and trickdown has proven as effective as urinating on a homeless man. I want them to pay what they used to pay. We need money and we aren’t going to get it from taxing the poor.

  2. lordway says:

    God put Cenk on this world so that the morons would have leadership.? Way to go man!

  3. lordway says:

    @johnnyboy2537 Don’t be a Marxist. I don’t have a problem w/ the rich who have earned it. Most top? pro athletes are multimillionaires. If they are paying 35% while you are paying say 15%, they are pulling some of your load (and mine). How much more do you want them to pay? They certainly don’t use as many public services as you or I. We have to be reasonable and not treat all rich people as criminals. You are better advised to direct anger to our politicians who over spend.

  4. elr456 says:

    Damn politicians spending on wars while Medicare goes broke. Fuck 99% of Republicans AND? Democrats! We need more independents or something.

  5. 2anime4ever says:

    What if that person doesn’t have any other family member? So basically fuck him/her because he/she probably lost his/her only family from? an accident or something else.

  6. MedievalWerewolf says:

    Why in the FUCK does Dylan Ratigan still allow this horrid bastard a? spot on his show? HE’S PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!

  7. leegeorgeson says:

    America needs more? dying people before they learn their lesson…

  8. MissTemperence says:

    @itcanbecheezcaketime Of course we’ve veered off. You don’t know how to find all your responses, so discussion is impossible.? And you’ve said several times that you haven’t received responses when you clearly have (they’re all right there in the comments section). So yes, you clearly are confused.

  9. SlevinKalevra47 says:

    this guy is such a moron. what a typical liberal to drag everything down to race. yes starvation was a problem which is what taught people they better take some damn personal responsibility for their lives and work hard to make sure they? are taken care of. now we have 41% of out country sucking the teet of the federal government which means they are not paying taxes or bringing in any revenue to help the economy go round. its common sense people

  10. itcanbecheezcaketime says:


    Now you’re veering off point to attack my character? I guess that proves you’re right.

    No, I am not confused by? the YouTube format. I just told you why I’ve stopped responding to you. I yield you the last word because I truly don’t care what you have to say. I am above you, both morally and educationally. You are a piss-ant and not worth anymore of my time. I bid you a fond adieu.

  11. MissTemperence says:

    @itcanbecheezcaketime So you’re STILL missing messages that are right there in the comments section?? It may be time to admit you may be a bit confused by the youtube format, Hon.

  12. itcanbecheezcaketime says:


    No, I did not get? your message. But the reason I’m not replying any longer is because you’re running in circles. The arguments you put forward have been thoroughly debunked and proven to be bias. You already admit you’re an advocate of force, coercion, violence and statism, thus immoral. There’s nothing left to say. You have zero regard for human development, their rights contained and you express this in your vindictive assumptions about the responsibility of society. You lose.

  13. MissTemperence says:

    @itcanbecheezcaketime Hey? there. Just wanted to say I hope you got my message explaining how to use youtube. Since you didn’t respond, I wasn’t sure if you were still confused, or just embarrassed to admit to your mistake.

  14. isawakumo says:

    The one thing everyone, Right or Left, should take away from this is one key? statement – Vote with your feet. If you don’t like Bank Of America, don’t give them your money. Carrying the statement forward, if you do or don’t like someone in office, VOTE. You can cry havoc left and right till November, but if you don’t expend the effort to VOTE, your opinion is officially worthless.

  15. bmoecardinals says:

    dick durbin doesnt? care about the people and just plays politics.

  16. beckderm says:

    Cashless is more & more of a control system on you! DO NOT TAKE THE CHIP!?

  17. justice4youu says:

    Federal lawsuit filed against Bank of America for sexual harassement. Managers in the mortgage dept often referenced themselves as the untouchables. Read Ireport at CNN for more on the story. Contact lawyer for BOFA Angela Tvesis at 816-292-2000 and let them know that the BOFA isn’t above the law. SHAME ON YOU BOFA for allowing other female? workers to be exposed to harassement because you failed to investigate in a timely manner. You knew about this in 2010 but didn’t act until 2012. SHAME ON U.

  18. jsgdk says:

    Credit? Union 😉
    Its the future.

  19. Patrick1678 says:

    Sex and addiction are running rampid in this country. deal with addictions before you judge, straight men put their dicks in just? as many innappropriate places as homosexuals. ITS A SPIRITUAL SICKNESS, and for you to declare Gays less than. Makes you dumber than most, get real, get a life and start educating people with Truth, you Fat middle age man !!! also see youtube,,, Patrick1678 and? corruption512. All of you elitist will soon have all your bank and other accounts audited 🙂

  20. Nature89 says:

    This is the guy who forced BoA to charge those fees with the Dodd-Frank bill.

    p.s. It’s not paying to use? your money, it’s paying to use an auto-debit system to your checking account.

  21. jessefry says:

    @Killerjosh89 Here’s some help for you, so you can understand this:
    There’s the link to the health care law. The part of the law that gives the Secretary of DHHS the means to access your finances starts on page? 58. Read it for yourself. Signed: just hopeless, sad and pathetic really

  22. IgnacioAgramonte says:

    Great? speech !

  23. RandomRetribution says:

    Let me try to understand this..he is crying over a? company making 44 cents off a transaction, while the government is allowing Eppicard to charge .50 cents for a customer that calls eppicard for something as little as checking their balance? I am trying to figure out the 2 wrongs dont make a right theory…sue me for thinking FML

  24. RandomRetribution says:

    Credit/Debit cards should? just go away. Now the government has your unemployment compensation and child support payments going directly to a debit card. Look up Eppicard complaints/scams online. Consumer Affairs has a legnthy list of people that are being taken advantage of in the times where they need it most. Charging people .50 cents to call the customer service number that is uncalled for. Bank of America isnt the only crook, look at your own government. greed will be the death of you

  25. alwayssmile4u66 says:

    @Acrimonator There is the problem…that You can’t only get by without a banks help via credit card, debit card, checking acct,? or deposit services. And you want these “services” for free. Banks are no different than the company you work for. They are in business to MAKE MONEY. So your arguement is just another “entitlement” comment! The point is that you want something for free. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck but scream and protest Dick Durbin not the banks,for allowing it to happen!

  26. Acrimonator says:

    @alwayssmile4u66 Yeah, ask? your employer to pay you in bills and try to only use paper money, it’s impossible.

  27. alwayssmile4u66 says:

    @Acrimonator Then don’t use a bank! Nothing in life is free. If you don’t want what services banks offer then don’t use them. Banks (as well as retail and restaurants) have the right to charge whatever they want for their services. YOU have the right not to use them as a customer (or shop/eat at? a particular establishment). You can’t tell a business how they can do business. And by the way, Dick Durbin allowed for this to happen! Him being elected is fucked up!

  28. Acrimonator says:

    You? know the system is fucked up when you have to pay to use your money…

  29. Killerjosh89 says:

    @jessefry “The health care law gives the IRS? access to your checking account” that is a straight up lie or you believe it because some right winger you agree with said it. That is simply not true, the IRS has nothing to with a person’s personal finances; thats idiotic but it doesnt matter wat i say, ull still believe this bullshit. people like u are just hopeless, sad and pathetic really. I wish u the best.

  30. d4rkf1ght3r says:

    *Paul :/?

  31. d4rkf1ght3r says:

    @sskinner99 Just because Ron Apul saw it coming he would have taken the right actions.

    And do you think he would pass a? consumer protection law like this? EVER?!

  32. GetThisThingCrunk says:

    Even if the fee is retracted still get out just for them attempting it!!!?

  33. simplysubdued says:

    Update: Bank of America has decided not to pursue the $5 Debit Card Fee. As of this? moment that fee will NOT be implemented to any BofA customers that use your debit cards. Thank you.

  34. askaboutRudyV says:

    @dogatron Thanks man, I’ll? check it out now. :))))

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