Seattle drive-by

February 25th, 2012

The Emerald City, Seattle Washington is home to the Seahawks, Space Needle, Boeing Field and Dr. Frasier Crane. Cloudy and wet on Nov. 24, Seattle has been hit by blizzard conditions on Dec. 20, 2008. Music: ‘the beat’ by Cindy Aspden (of JCVdude) mp3 is on JCVdude posterous

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  1. mikepgk says:

    was born and rised there form 1963 to 2003 now in phoenix? arizona

  2. damaged01 says:

    I live in Spokane. Seattle is at least 2 orders of magnitude better…minus the traffic. Still I am planning? on relocating there sometime in the next couple years. Getting really tired of living in down home redneckville.

  3. Jakenumber3 says:

    Check out my channel.? if you like my videos then subscribe!!!

  4. FloridianAsshole22 says:

    @mtnlogistics its different. of couse got hammered with all of that snow but im? loving it. beats being in hot ass florida where the weather is the same all year round. seattle at night is remarkable. you and your friend will have a great time

  5. SergeyMelnikov1979 says:

    And I? envy you, because I live in fucking Russia…

  6. mtnlogistics says:

    @FloridianAsshole22 So how do you like Seattle so far? I’m planning on moving there from Cleveland, Ohio in about a year with? my best friend.For some reason Seattle has always appealed to both of us.

  7. webiestgirl6678 says:

    i was born in seattle and raised in bothell which is pretty close? and i had to move to utah when i was six (WHICH SUCKS!) but im moving back this summer yay:D and thumbs up for pike place market 😀

  8. Livinggreen100 says:


  9. cobrafreak006 says:

    frasier wasnt even filmed in seattle. takes place but not? filmed

  10. MrZulu2065 says:

    Fuck the dumb ass comparisons, this city haves to be one of the best cities in? the US, and fuck Mexico City, ugly dry wasteland.

  11. tods1987 says:

    i? miss Seattle so much! i used to live there…

  12. TheSegundiiito says:

    I like more Mexico? City

  13. PJsMeName says:

    @h1zchan No, it’s not even allowed to hold a Cell now haha. He’s just lucky the police seemed to not? care. Unless it was someone else who was holding it.

  14. FloridianAsshole22 says:

    @AvenueEmpire The rain? is fine. i have been here a week now i have been to downtown seattle twice now so it will take some getting used to especially the amount of people.

  15. AvenueEmpire says:

    @FloridianAsshole22, Better get used to rain, and dont worry if you like sports its always dissapointing! 🙂 Ah the life of being in seattle. Yet I still support my city and still? watch the seahawks.

  16. Humannature18 says:

    I’m moving to Seattle? on Monday(:

  17. h1zchan says:

    Just curious, is it legal to be operating a camera while driving at the same time in the US(or in the? State of Washington)?

  18. hoteliwinshowcases says:

    I don’t like the the comparison? between Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and Houston. It’s getting super annoying.

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