Senator Gillibrand Fights Back for Women’s Health on the Senate Floor

February 17th, 2012

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  1. pismostroch says:

    What a hypocritical cunt.?

  2. Maserati7200 says:

    @Kratoschaos It’s not you. She’s gorgeous. I’d like to be inside her.
    -An 18? year old constituent of her’s

  3. Maserati7200 says:

    She’s my senator. I disagree with her on a lot of issues (I’m a libertarian),? especially since she voted for the NDAA, which allows the military to detain US citizens without trial, charge, or due process.

    But, she’s really fucking hot. :O!! I’m not sure if next senatorial election if I’d be voting with my brain or with my penis…

  4. HarmonyMady says:

    Ugh. I love? you.

  5. stainshield says:

    Kristen Gillibrand? for president in 2016.

  6. mwells219 says:

    @Clammypollack it’s not a baby if it’s not born yet. that’s fact. another fact is that abortions legally available save women’s lives and those? who are anti choice and anti sexual health are for the death of mothers and want women to be second class citizens.

  7. Kratoschaos says:

    Is it me or is she a? MILF?

  8. RichTurtle32 says:

    Nice? 🙂

  9. Psycatalyst says:

    The GOP got to get their ass out? of the kitchen.

  10. Clammypollack says:

    Anyone who calls the killing of an unborn human? baby by the name of “women’s health”, “reproductive autonomy” or “choice” is DISHONEST and is ASHAMED to outright state what they support. I wonder if the aborted little girls consider their health to be improved by being dismembered and killed? I am a New Yorker and I will NEVER vote for this woman.

  11. neenerpuss says:

    This is the same as when they go on Faux News like Michelle Bachmann and criticized the President for spending $200M a day for 11 days on his trip to Asia to help find jobs and better trade. The FACT never are relevant to any republican. The asia trip did? not even cost $200M for the entire trip…all 11 days! They say outragous things and no one calls them out on it!

    President Gilibrand 2016!

  12. DrG90210 says:

    Thank you for standing up with facts!?

  13. Francebrasil says:

    Leave to the GOP, and it’s back to the future, in the Middle ages…?

  14. rasputin1952 says:

    Kirsten is one of the most powerful voices in? DC, and a nightmare for the GOP; nothing terrifies R’s more than a brilliant, articulate woman. She’s a scrapper, gets right in there and does the work. I am SO proud to be a Dem when I see this woman, she takes the evil on, and beats it into the ground every time. Anyone who is against women gaining equality and proper health care, must hate their own own mothers, wives and daughters Thank you Senator!

  15. Panchee123 says:

    all these people need their salaries and healthcare? cut, period.

  16. MrWhylie says:

    She’s the one.?

  17. OrMush says:

    Thank you Senator, so? much. I am Canadian and I am deeply thankful to you for speaking up for women EVERYWHERE.

  18. henrybroger says:

    Hmmmmm being used as a? pawn in politics………… Welcome to what it feels like to be Gay in this country and striving for equality. I’m behind you Sen. Gillibrand, I just hope those I fight for are also behind me fighting for my rights for equality.

  19. TheReelWoman says:

    **standing ovation**? Brava! Thank you!

  20. kingfelipe12 says:

    Jon Kyl? got OWNED.

  21. mlaily1 says:

    Young women are the bulk of the clients ,and that’s why they are low income. Between the ages of 15 to 25 is a encompassing group of individuals who need cheap rapidly responsive systems in place in regards to sexual health.Planned Parenthood is a lifeline that cannot be duplicated? or cut without severe consequences to America ,land of the brave.

  22. vechorik says:

    @terramortim — Help Rand Paul. Contact your Senator? and ask them to Please vote yes for the Congressional Review Act, Sen. Paul has introduced S.J. Res. 27, a resolution of disapproval that would allow Congress to overturn the costly Air Transport Rule.

  23. rjhgmail says:

    fear and hysteria? Ben Franklin right on

  24. joeseth05 says:

    @joeseth05 Problem is, too many people think that it’s the role of the government to give people individual security, but it’s not, like it’s not the role of? the gorvernment to give people individual liberty.

    Individual security is provided best by individuals!

  25. joeseth05 says:

    Security is AS important as liberty, and there are many levels of them, and you cannot have one without the other as they depend on each other closely, on every level:
    Liberty is required to exercise a certain amount of power, which is required to provide security, which is required to keep existence,? which is required to keep liberty…

    This relationship can only work when the one who is at liberty to do something also provides for the security for the very same.

  26. Searching4Truth1 says:

    The ‘Fast and Furious’ action by BHO & DOJ is all part of the agenda to attack the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans. They wag the dog & America’s Constitution takes hits


    Obama Executive Orders Impose New Gun Rules

    theblaze . com/stories/obama-executive-orders-impose-new-gun-rules/

    DOJ announced that all gun shops in 4 SW border states will be required to alert the federal govt to frequent buyers

    Executive? Orders coming in the middle of the debt limit distractions

  27. in4mationtruth says:

    @Littlelemon31the fact that he takes what he wants when he can? get is a perfect example for why our civilization needs laws that protect those less defensible of themselves.Do you honestly think that, let’s say, the 2nd Amendment should be taken literally, & applied to contemporary fire-arms(& not what it actually applies to,which is rights to form a organized local militia 4 defense)? Would it be wise everyone to wear side arms everywhere? Chaos.You want the slavery/states rights example too?

  28. in4mationtruth says:

    @Littlelemon31 I wish your taste in literature was as good as your taste in music. Roark is a rapist. He’s a blame it on others selfish individualist. Libertarians have some great ideas such as cutting military & entitlement spending drastically. Unfortunately, they would also destroy our civilization by selling off the government? infustructure in giant contract bundles(see Iraq). Democracy is to be embraced, but we need to reatain a healthy fear of Capitalism. It must be guided , and managed

  29. anonwoohoo says:

    Is it just me or is the internet overwhelmingly on the side of Ron and Rand Paul? I sure as hell hope Ron makes it into office. End the Fed! Legalize our right to choose what chemicals? we consume! End the wars! Secure our right to bare arms!

  30. in4mationtruth says:

    @cnmcalpi I like how you immediately go to the “hand-out” argument, when you have no idea who you’re talking to. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am, yet I’m still not a selfish prick who would sacrifice a civil society for my own selfish needs. There’s a balance. It’s called democracy. Your nanny state argument is? completely laughable. I’m sure we agree that actual welfare and public housing are flawed to the core, and should be abolished. Stop assuming, start learning.

  31. nikolayzou says:


    I’m an Australian and coming to America to fight for freedom and liberty on the Ron Paul campaign to restore your constitution. I am documenting my entire journey on libertyeverafter [dot] com
    If you can offer any assistance in terms of friendship, accommodation advice or part time work, please email Nick, info [@] libertyeverafter. com

  32. 18dmedic says:

    and now we have the fourth amendment stricken down by the US Supreme Court. it will only be a? matter of time before then entire constitution will be stricken down and we will be under martial law.

    this further proves that when the oaths of office is administered, it is nothing but a joke to those in the federal government.

  33. cnmcalpi says:

    @in4mationtruth hey uhh… social darwinism?…….free market, democratic republic based on principles? of creator granted rights… hmmm… yeah if you are willing to go to work you will have to opportunity to do very well…..If you want to have babies and get more welfare, drive $50,000 trucks….go to hell….. Yes it is like darwinism… if you are good at life, then you do well…If you suck or are lazy….better have some friends…. no friends= take your ass to work.

  34. JGhipHOP101 says:

    You got it all wrong, Liberty and freedom only leads to a great nation, The founding fathers were Libertarians, they were for civil liberties and states rights, and from 1776-1913 our nation experienced a Boom of wealth and freedom like no other civilization. The government we have now is like Nazi Germany on steroids, Bush and now Nobel? Peace Prize winning Obama has us in 5 wars soon to be 8 by the end of the year. Look up the definition of World War 3(technically 4)its been going on for awhile

  35. letnofleshglory says:

    I thank God for at least one Senator who has God given common sense and intelligence! He speaks for all of us that possess the same intelligence. What’s wrong with? the other burritos in congress?

  36. dejavuga says:

    I’m glad to see that there are still great people in government? fighting for our freedoms

  37. in4mationtruth says:

    @pdawg691 I hate the patriot act, but people need to be informed on Libertarian philosophy. Like Marxism, Libertarianism sounds ideal, with common sense ideas. In reality,on a large scale, It would tip the balance of power so extreme it would reduce our nation to the haves & have nots(much worse than it is now), and weaken our society. We all know that the answers lay in the middle. Sure, I? would like more states rights & less entitlement programs, but I still want there to be taxes and order.

  38. pdawg691 says:

    @in4mationtruth so you? love the patriot act or you just like posting the same thing on several Rand Paul videos…

  39. in4mationtruth says:

    What libertarians want to reduce this
    nation to a “wild-west” situation, where only those who can afford to distance themselves securely from the majority can live safely in the pursuit of happiness. They literaly believe that you should? only deserve the American Dream if you have obtained it through financial success. Our civilization is only as strong as the weekest link. It’s social Darwinsm they believe in. Read Ayn Rand. Our nation would economically resemble India if it were up to them

  40. DataSerpent says:

    did anyone happen to cacth steven colbert report show last night about rand paul comment that was made on hannity? and how steven colbert displayed a idealistic? view on rand paul comment of anyone who is atendding a rally of anyone detesting the government of there nation should be put to jail or deported? :-/ I hope rand paul can speak to steven colbert about that 🙁

  41. slakjaw says:

    Good speech,? but he’d still sell your grandma to the highest bidder.

  42. torylelandkirgiss says:

    Bush and Obama? don’t like this video.

  43. terramortim says:

    @jbindahizee . . . the real question is how much will Americans let him get away with. He’s going to go right to the limits that we place on him, so really,? our acceptance decides just how much like Hitler he becomes. If we accept that throwing people in camps for political views and extra-judicial killings of anyone suspected of a crime is okay, that’s what we’ll get. If we refuse to be turned into a modern Nazi Germany, it won’t happen. We just have to think clearly and say no to evil.

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