Shoreham Hotel

November 2nd, 2011

Check out these Hotel in Washington images:

Shoreham Hotel
Hotel in Washington
Image by StreetsofWashington
Built in 1887, the original Shoreham Hotel stood at 15th and H Streets NW. More on the Shoreham Hotel is at…

Fairfax Hotel Strike 1974 #3
Hotel in Washington
Image by washington_area_spark
Snowfall begins to pick up during the picket line.

Housekeepers and laundry workers went on strike in February 1974 at the Fairfax Hotel to gain their first contract after bargaining broke down.

The 20 or so members of the Hotel & Restaurant and Bartenders Union ultimately succeeded and Local 25 of "UNITE-HERE" (the successor to original union) continues to represent employees at the hotel today. The hotel is located at the corner of 21st Street and Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC

This set of photos scanned from original negatives from the Washington Area Spark collection. Non-commercial use of these photos is permitted with attribution to Reading/Simpson. Commercial use is prohibited without expressed written consent.

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