SOPA bill takes on new name in the Senate

February 19th, 2012

Earlier this week President Obama revealed the 2013 military defense budget for the Department of Defense which is roughly 4 billion, and in it the cybersecurity budget has nearly double. Now the Department of Homeland Security plans to monitor social media sites. Also the Senate is attempting to return the controversial SOPA bill but under a new name. Ginger McCall, director for Epic’s Open Government Programs, joins us to explain what this could mean to America’s privacy. Like us and/or follow us:
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  1. telemanque says:


  2. LocalDawn says:


  3. Drathlan says:

    This reminds me of watching reps on the house? floor saying, “we need to get some nerds in here.” They don’t know shit about the internet or whats going to strangle it, hey white house, KEEP OFF THE INTERNET!!! YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT!!!!

  4. ChingChongCification says:


    FUCK YOU!!!

  5. coconutTvLive says:

    Why do the people that don’t know SHIT ABOUT THE? INTERNET get to make pointless shit like laws that do more harm then good so if u are reading this congress no person in this world OWNS THE INTERNET so stop trying to do shit like this, besides you have other shit to worry about then the internet!

  6. JamJHolmes says:

    @peyotecactus Yeah, he is total scum.?

  7. econogate says:

    He has revealed himself and his? cronies as stooges and thugs devoted to blinding the public to the facts about what actually goes on behind the scenes, while the media mostly trumpets entertainment and gossip news, they plot and spend our tax dollars to monitor us with our own government, it seems pretty paranoid and absurd for them to care about what my or your opinions might be at any given moment, of course people’s opinions change so also why would anyone assume what gets said maybe truth?

  8. sprookafook says:

    the? pink n jew anglo colonialist are gonna go cyber, they raped the world , they are a blood line thats on its way out and there playing there last card aka cyber colonialism.

  9. jasonx0017 says:

    If ever there was a holy war,? it was that which saved our liberties and gave us independence. -Thomas Jefferson

  10. MrTGolden says:

    The prospect that, monitoring could get out of hand is rightly raised here. Indeed, the policy might be best opposed simply on these grounds.? If nothing else, the very push for monitoring yet further demonstrates principles for which the U.S. was formed have been subverted.

  11. OttoLund says:

    abeldanger net?

  12. StealthEmerald says:

    @LACYV1 Yup…Total lunacy:(?

  13. bueterfulbaby says:

    I am SOOOO disappointed in Obama for encouraging and allowing this behavior by the Depart of H.S. Booooooo!?

  14. PramMavenOfficial says:

    This is statutory rape…? Of our freedoms.

  15. Vortex42 says:

    Ginger is a good advovate.?

  16. LordLindsey12 says:

    Who REALLY runs?? our world? search “israel Did 911 All Proof?? in the World” and search “ZionCrimeFactory” for proof.
    Reporting on the death of supremacist Zionist leader David Wolffsohn, the? September 17, 1914,edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES tells? us that? during his closing address? at the Zionist Congress at the Hague n 1907 Wolffsohn “pleaded for greater unity among the Jews and? said that eventually they must conquer the world.”
    w(dot)zioncrimefactory com/jew-world-order SPREAD THE TRUTH!

  17. goodinohio says:

    We say? no and they just spit in our face, again!

  18. LACYV1 says:

    @StealthEmerald I am not personally scared. I am just trying to point out how the idea is misleading. They tell you to fear “terror”, but then the system kills you with drugs, or food… you see what? I mean?

  19. Retiredhawk says:

    It’s against the bill of? rights! What more reason to be concerned?

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