Space Shuttle Discovery Makes Final Flight

May 1st, 2012

Space Shuttle Discovery Makes Final Flight

MORE: | Shuttle taken to final home at Smithsonian near Washington.
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  1. LCSA1000 says:


  2. HannaMariyamMathai says:

    you’re funny?

  3. salor99999 says:

    I thought the plane were having sex…?

  4. bloatypizzahog says:

    what’s your? favorite thing about space? mine is space

  5. kearlyboy95 says:

    Ya,? man TOTALLY.

  6. TCfoxs says:


  7. Luisin88 says:


  8. AUAirForce says:

    Aircrafts? porn.

  9. kerogre256 says:

    Shame ameryka once you were great nation with vision now you’re just bandits? killing people around world….

  10. ForensicsOnTheScene says:

    🙁 So sad.?

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