The Journey of Mermaid Melissa (Part 2)

January 23rd, 2012 Subscribe This is the second part of a two-part documentary online made about Melissa Dawn’s journey to becoming a real-life Mermaid. Subscribe: The documentary was produced by Passion Images, a professional photographic and video service agency based in Sydney, Australia. Clips of this documentary were provided by Mermaid Melisa LLC from its existing library of footages. Passion Images provides its clients with rich, visual experience with still images and videos. The company specializes in creating generic, stand-alone footages that can be used in all types of screen and media productions. It also works in social and corporate documentary and promotional video market. For more info, visit http This video is also featured in the company’s YouTube channel:

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  1. daunesha34 says:

    If you a vampire say i?

  2. 9021wow says:

    The difference between you and I, is that I did not fallow my feelings as you did I have been watching you for a long time and never knew your story and wow! i’m glad I did get to know about you in the time I did, I am greatful to know you and for the feelings you have brought up on me, God? bless you:)

  3. Stellarifi says:

    It may sound crazy, but I wanna be a mermaid so bad lol. The sucky part is, I can’t even swim. Well, I can (barely) but I’m terrified of deep water. But I’m determined to learn! And one day, I’ll get a tail.? 😀

  4. pinkfurryhat says:

    I know what I? wanna be now haha

  5. Freethedolphins1 says:

    I love orcas and its my number 1 goal in life to be a orca trainer and i also always to be a mermaid and travel the oceans ever since i was 8. Now im 12 and i cand dive 3 meters on one breath im still practicing? and i will until i get the job and live my dream as a trainer

  6. AmberHillsProduction says:

    I had always loved orcas. My friends hate them because they are meat eaters. But I don’t know why, but I I love them. Since I was small, I loved swimming, I can only stay in water for 2 miniutes. My dream? is to be a orca trainer too.

  7. Protocall13o2 says:

    i? heard coke or vinegar is a good subtitute to jelly stingers. is that true?

  8. alexdinhohd says:

    cute? story

  9. Aquanater says:

    You’re a mermaid AND you’re eco-friendly? I definately want to be you when I grow? up!

  10. mermaid101jessica says:

    You are turly my? insperation

  11. mermaid101jessica says:


  12. mermaid101jessica says:

    mermaid Melissa you have the excat life that i have dreamed about. ever since i was 6 ive been in love with the mermaid world. when i grow up i plan on being a marine biologist and work with the dolphins in Sea World i want to be a lifeguard when i get my work permint. And my biggest hope and prayer is that i can work with the mertailor as being a model for the mertailor. I am modeling right now for model productions but its not mermaid related. I live in missouri? so i am no where near the water

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