The Senate Voted Down a 40-percent Minimum Wage

August 4th, 2014

The Senate voted down a 40-percent minimum wage hike Wednesday that would were the first step in a push by Democrats to raise wages for low-income worke…

July 1st, 2014 • Mississippi Senate prospect Chris McDaniel did actually discuss the increasing wide range of irregularites and illegal votes that occurred durin…
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  1. Randy Savage says:

    Minimum wage increases cause job loss and those who get to keep their job
    will have to pick up that slack and work twice as hard. Its so simple even
    a cave man could figure this out. ?

  2. AveMaria82100 says:

    This is so incredibly sad. The minimum wage does need to be increased.?

  3. The2005rwb says:

    The minimum wage destroys jobs.?

  4. John Drain says:

    Fuck these Republican political stooges.?

  5. Annyong Rings says:

    Lol, if the senate can’t even pass this stupid bill, you know it’s
    unfavorable. Obama should be embarrassed ?

  6. SoulSearcher02 says:

    Thought the DemocRats controlled the Senate. The story should be “DemocRats
    vote down a minimum wage hike” shouldn’t it????

  7. Oscar Gutierrez says:

    Republicans and Democrats both don’t about America and American’s … It’s
    all a game to them … A game to one up the other and push one side or the
    other into a bad light and score points … Nothing more or less just one
    big stupid political game up on Capitol Hill!?

  8. Sanctify says:

    Oh, don’t touch the fabulous 1% who would screw any of the 99% over the
    loss of even one grain of that paltry animal feed they call pay but in
    reality is just barely enough slave compensation to get your behind back to
    task once again tomorrow! Them 1% dogs are so poor? If they’re suffering
    then they deserve that grain of feed to wash down their fat necks with that
    two hundred dollar wine they’re also suffering with.?

  9. VancouverViewTV says:

    Can’t someone shut McCon up??

  10. locoslair says:


  11. JESUStheATHEIST1 says:

    here is a simple message to residents of the usa. TAKE IT BITCH.
    if you keep voting in the same two parties expect nothing.?

  12. Break This News says:
  13. Rdc84770 says:

    To all you dumb asses who are bitching about the Republicans shooting down
    this, bill get a clue you increase min wage everything else increases too!
    so in fact increasing it only hurts the economy and doesn’t allow the
    people in poverty to move upward but downward!?

  14. right might says:

    Abolish the UNLIVABLE “minimum” (POVERTY) wage and Enact a Living wage $15/.
    YOUTUBE: The Richest family in America is getting Welfare.
    YOUTUBE: The $100,000, 000 Gift to the Richest man on the planet.
    YOUTUBE: Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich themselves at
    Government expense. – mslawdotedu?

  15. Dum Dooh says:

    Rethuglicunts, Cheap and Fraudulent as always!
    Paying Part-Time wages for Full-Time work.
    GOP, pushing out Turd-sandwich of a economic theory to cheat working class
    and deceive consumers as always!
    YOUTUBE: US airline Pilots living on food stamp wages.
    YOUTUBE: Walmart “Dead Peasants” Life Insurance policy on its employees.?

  16. MeltedPearls says:

    Yeah, because it’s all about how they all look and who keeps their jobs?
    NO. It’s about how many Americans could work LESS than 40 hours a week
    without starving, or who could get ahead by working full-time, if their
    boss would let them, that is.?

  17. MonetaryReformForum says:


  18. keiferd11 says:

    Typical CONservative, wants to make it all about *him* and playing the
    victim here, he could careless about how the bill would have helped
    millions of Americans.
    Eh….nothing new here.?

  19. cagedtigersteve says:

    The Democrat controlled Senate. ?

  20. millenium2003 says:

    Price for goods will go up.. because they know people are getting paid more?

  21. annynameatall says:

    you leaders have spoken.
    bow and say thank you slaves…
    ffs,what a shower of pricks.if they pay you a little more then you kids
    wont join the army and go off to fight for the corporation.
    israel needs your children to die in wars for them.?

  22. Debby Ward says:

    wow…sad it had to come to this..this country is screwed with all the
    crooks in our govt..?

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