THP Platinum Pro Comp Sport KITE Takes Flight In Honolulu

April 12th, 2012

This is a viewer’s request, and I was bored on a sunny Hawaiian winter. This is my “Edge” type “stunt” kite, sport-kite, or whatever they call these kites today. Video taken at THREE of the fields I normally fly at: Old Stadium Park on King Street in Moiiliili, Washington Middle School (my old stomping ground) (formally Washington Intermediate School) in McCully, and Kakaako Waterfront Park. Dwaine “Dog” Chapman – The Bounty Hunter calls “Kakaako” (Kak kak AH’ ko) “kah ko WAH ko”….. I fly OLD-school style. Not free style. I love my kites to make a lot of noise, and fly fast. Today’s winds was light. Slow-motion stuff. 2 – 7 MPH. Gust to 9 MPH. 10+ MPH, this kite would roar to LIFE! I would be dragged across the field if the winds went above 17 MPH! =D
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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