Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 Nickel CO2 Pellet Gun Review

April 8th, 2012 – Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 Nickel CO2 Pellet Gun Review. -CO2 Powered -.177 Caliber Pellets -425 FPS -8 Round Rotary Magazine -Semi Automatic SA -Colt Government 1911 A1 Replica -Purchased Used. This is a table top review of the Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 CO2 .177 caliber pellet pistol in the Nickel finished version. I show you around the gun and walk you through its basic operation and handling. I have included some video of a target example showing you an 8 round grouping I got from 20 feet out with this fine pistol. I also put the pellet shooter on the Chony Chronograph to find out its real world feet per second rating. The Umarex Colt Government is almost all metal and is extremely well made. The Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 is very well made and finished and makes an excellent replica of the real Government 1911 45 auto Colt firearm. It has great feel in both single and double action making it very easy to shoot on target. Check out the full review on my website at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. California6567 says:

    It’s a shame because a lot of the airsoft guns by Cybergun, and ASG are really well made and authentic, but I don’t like them anywhere near as much as my bb and pellet shooters. Airsoft leaves me cold. If I were to purchase any airsoft? guns, it would be long guns like the AK 47. All the long guns are SO expensive…

  2. switchingtomac says:

    Still hard to find Airsoft? Pistols that shoot over 366 fps but there are some out there at least!

  3. DarkBrotherhoof says:

    Wow 366FPS! Man thats GREAT news now I can really start getting into airsoft a little bit more. Since i? could never find a good 1911 Colt that was over 407FPS. Thanks for the news.

  4. switchingtomac says:

    It was recently dropped to a .20 gram BB with a velocity? of 366 or higher. Canada Customs is more concerned with guns being replicas, if the gun shoots fast enough to cause serious injury (Over 366 fps) then it become an unregulated firearm changing it from replica status to a real gun of sorts.

  5. DarkBrotherhoof says:

    Yeah I have heard that full black/metal guns have to be 407FPS or over to be legal in Canada which to me doesnt make sense, if they are so worried about guns being to real? 407FPS should be the highest a black/metal gun could go. If you know what I mean.

  6. switchingtomac says:

    We are work gin towards getting more? Airsoft gun here in Canada now that the FPS has been dropped more allow some all black Airsoft guns that fall within the “uncontrolled firearms” law.

  7. DarkBrotherhoof says:

    That? sure is a bummer

  8. switchingtomac says:

    Not in Canada so far…?

  9. DarkBrotherhoof says:

    dang, you wouldnt happen to know where i could? get a Nickel plated/chrome airsoft 1911 would you?

  10. switchingtomac says:

    Not with this one.?

  11. DarkBrotherhoof says:

    Is there an airsoft version of this beaut??

  12. blackopswhiteops says:

    i have this thought it was a real gun for 3 years i shot a duck and it was funny that it? wassent a real gyn

  13. switchingtomac says:

    I test in a variety of temperatures it’s had? dot convert but I would say I often test in temperatures that can be as cold as around 50 fahrenheit.

  14. 1977523xd40 says:

    great review as always, I Am in the market for a Critter Deswader cos I doubt my neighbors would take kindly to hear a 40cal going off now & then.
    However my point, seems like all your cronagraph test that show low? numbers due to cold temp & I know you always say you only give round about answers.
    But What temp is it when you test in ferenhite? as opposed to celceus

  15. switchingtomac says:


  16. winglessneveda8 says:

    Where do I? get those targets?

  17. smbrox1 says:

    the compensater? for this gun and the bereta 92fs are perfect for looks and actually quieting the guns

  18. patriots1109 says:

    I got? the black version of this gun, very nice it is 🙂

  19. ClothesOptional says:


  20. Peaceinlifenowar says:

    well, we can only? guess :3

  21. CaliRudy says:

    that’s? fucken stupid

  22. psan07 says:

    The only way planet earth will? believe and except UFOs is if one landed on the front lawn of the White House or hovered over it depending how massive it is. Would be one hell of a sight.

  23. Peaceinlifenowar says:

    Uhhh Maybe? because the Craft was built in Peices ? -.-

  24. shell2k6 says:

    It was stated that the group most affected and least likely to accept the knowledge of other intelligent life would be scientists, who are the exact people we would be relying on to confirm intelligent life other than our own does indeed exist. so don’t get your hopes up about them changing thier story? any time soon.

  25. shell2k6 says:

    according to a study by nasa planet earth is not and will never be ready for the truth. To come into contact with a intelligent life form other than our own, they concluded, will be the distruction of civilisation as we know it or at best a great comprimise in our values and beliefs? that most will not be able to deal with.

  26. alphabreezer says:

    Planet earth is? ready to hear the true story, i hope one stands up with the hard and undeniable evidence.

  27. alphabreezer says:

    if you’re not lying you should get your ass a full? hd camera right away.

  28. rockync7 says:

    i see UFO’s often where I live,? when i was like 13-14 me and a few friends seen two beings in the field next to thier craft, we watched them for 3-4 minutes got scared and ran home when we thought they noticed us.

  29. candie8301972 says:

    I am going out on a limb to say that these “EBE’s” are what they call demons. Aleister Crowley who is a well known satanist tried to conjure a demon & had made contact. There was a drawing of this creature & it looks like a grey. Many who are “abducted” claimed that their abduction were only stopped by calling? on the name of Yeshua/Jesus. This info have been withheld by ufologist. If you don’t believe me, look up CE4 Research & Lynn Marzulli.

  30. Prnda76 says:

    If we assume that this is all true, which no one can claim for sure, but if we assume for a second that it is true then it is quite possible that the reason why the establishment ridicules the UFO community is? because the establishment is already infiltrated by the very same aliens and it’s task is to keep us in the dark. Maybe these aliens just don’t want us to know about them, and they accomplish this through our media, governments, and select few people who know or aliens among us.

  31. polomartinez1 says:

    artificial as everything else? in this wrongly war of worlds….dont even ask me what was my meaning

  32. KuliLFC says:

    interesting? documentary !!

  33. TheStarfkr says:

    Or they may be cyborgs or androids. It’s my opinion that the ultimate intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon is an? advanced A.I. (artificial intelligence).

  34. TheStarfkr says:

    Anything can be destroyed if the energy/force is massive enough.? What is meant that a human being could not generate the forces needed to tear or break it. A crash or explosion could.

  35. AnubisObit says:

    Idiot… UFO’s have nothing to do with your primitive beliefs (which are without real facts) You fucking morons cant even agree on who has the correct censored version of? the dead sea scrolls.. the ONLY connection and the reason you shithead bible thumpers constantly voice your pathetic opinion on UFO topics is because since UFO and aliens are real.. your feeble gods are not.

  36. prophetgarf says:

    There is no doubt that people see some wierd shit in the skies, the only question is what they are…
    I interviewed Nick Pope earlier this year, who worked officially investigating UFO sightings for the Ministry of Defence and he said he believed for a certainty that there is? proof of solid craft flying around that cannot be coventionally explained.

  37. MidgitNbikini says:


  38. MidgitNbikini says:

    frozen with liquid nitrogen and hit with hydraulic press or? some big kinda hammer

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