January 31st, 2011

Question by Leilani: washington?
who here lives in washington? in or around seattly cuz UNFORTUNATELY my parents are moving to like issaquah or somethign and i have to go…….:((((( but uhm yah itsby seattle… so anyone here live in seattle?

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Answer by WALACPL
I just moved to the Issaquah/Sammamish area. It is nice. It’s close enough to Seattle so you can go when you want to. It’s also far enough away so we don’t have to deal with the many tourists that frequent our beautiful city. Summers here are very nice. If you like water sports, enjoying a day at the beach or at a really nice lake, you’ll love it. In the winter the skiing area isn’t to far. In the Issaquah area there are a lot of lakes. The school system here is the best. You’ll like it, there’s lots to do.

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