Washington DC at Night – Part I

January 14th, 2012

Flew to Tampa, FL, early that morning for a meeting, and this is a clip from my return flight home that evening. This was shot with my Canon PowerShot G9.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The historic “first flight” and landing of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, December 15, 2009
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. tayker1 says:

    The max resolution on my Canon PowerShot? G-9, which is 1024.

  2. sonofgob says:

    Nice video, what? resolution did you record this in, 1024?

  3. zackis480 says:

    @BusterBunker that would be sweet to see them make the MD-11. Now that plane is a bad ass plane. I wish there was more of them flying around. I liked hearing them take off and makeing the turns, the sounds of the engines just? kicked ass.

  4. zackis480 says:

    for an american plane, maybe make the parts in the USA and make jobs. not send it over seas? to have shit made. i live in seattle and it would be nice to say its all built in the USA. i like planes but not a big fan of the DreamLiner.

  5. newwestcityguy says:

    be proud america -? truly amazing

  6. iPlaneVidz says:

    I live in? seattle :0

  7. minitrundle says:

    Thank God all this? time and delays payed off!

  8. kmdroell says:

    this plane is so gay !!! It also has Rainbow Colour? Lights inside !! :)) LOL

  9. lockedupabroad1 says:

    My friend is a? flight attendant with ANA; I hope to see her on a 787 to Japan 1 one day. Maybe we can join the mile high club…wink wink!!! I’d do it &i know she would too…

  10. lockedupabroad1 says:

    @eskercurve I? love Boeing!!!

  11. polityczniezalezny says:

    @kmdroell true, it should be more? like A-10 Thunderbolt 😉

  12. HMarlin2305 says:

    Its? called autoland

  13. PS3GameProductions says:

    @eskercurve Just out curiosity what are the maximum projected? flap angles?

  14. StLouisStormSpotter says:

    @richie963 My mom works for Boeing she? was excited too it finally fly!

  15. WTF12715 says:

    @kmdroell lmfao?

  16. kmdroell says:

    this plane looks gay ! pussy? style

  17. theevilmeister says:

    I love Boeing. I? hate the media.

  18. NineAte7 says:

    thanks to all? them aeronautical engineers we now have a beautiful plane

  19. mikel1982 says:

    inconspicuous? flare

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