Washington DC car chase: suspect shot dead after Capitol Hill lockdown

September 21st, 2014

Washington DC automobile chase: suspect shot dead after Capitol Hill lockdown Subscribe to the The Guardian: http://bitly.com/UvkFpD A woman with a young child in h…

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  1. Jo Bur says:

    this is amarica?

  2. Springfieldemcee says:

    Go easy eat horse shit, and poop

  3. peterkinjls4 says:

    She wasn’t armed but she was driving a vehicle which could of killed
    somebody. If she wasn’t driving then maybe it would of been a different

  4. TheFinalFrontier says:

    I just saw 666 views just now, before I clicked the link, and it’s 6 hours
    after you saw it…

  5. NoName NoFame says:

    no, it’s just the government

  6. Natalie Kemp says:

    It looks like there was a passenger if you pause it at 0:48.

  7. mollkatless says:


  8. John Machovec says:

    Calm your tits

  9. Jose luis Aviles says:

    She was trying to get away and not using her car as a weapon and if you see
    the video the police fired at her while she was getting away not while she
    was surrounded

  10. jchijan says:

    Read The Present on TruthContest~com. It will make you feel better.

  11. ItsNikoHIMself says:

    and what did actually happen?

  12. Chris Wilkie says:

    Maybe because she didn’t run into anything with the front of her car. This
    happened, you’re uneducated, mass shootings suck, and you’re disgusting for
    telling us it didn’t happen. Was this story twisted by the media? Yes. Was
    this faked? No. Oh! By the way…learn to spell and use grammar correctly
    before enlightening us next time.

  13. James Whitcomb says:

    Terrorists who use bombs get shot. Terrorists who use guns get shot.
    Terrorists who use cars get shot. This woman endangered the lives of the
    innocents around her, her infant daughter in the back seat, the police
    doing their jobs, and least importantly herself. Whether she was disturbed
    or not she was a threat which needed to be neutralized. That you are
    defending someone who would risk their childs life in a desperate/futile
    stunt is what is an abomination.

  14. 1988scottcarey says:

    lol funny

  15. OtakuTaco says:

    wanted lvl 3 stars

  16. charter says:

    why the hell would you ban cars? Are you retarded? makes no sense!

  17. rudy Ojeda says:

    why did they cut it and put people running instead of the real video..

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