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February 16th, 2012

www.onboarddctours.com – Information about the best DC sightseeing tour. See the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the Capitol Building. Hear customer testimonials about the OnBoard DC Tour.
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  1. slobomotion says:

    OMG look at the comments on this clip so far! They can cut the fluoride in the tap water, it is no longer necessary! I won’t need to get a cute rodent to watch running on a wheel for exercise, I can just get an American! I just have to flash the right stuff at ’em & off they go, cute little buggers. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, forces of evil! You have achieved total brain dead state in those who still appear to be alive. I will never have to look any farther than my? fellow citizens for a laugh!

  2. tsiemens says:

    Ok not? EVERY quake is caused by HAARP, sheesh

  3. MsPamAnn says:

    God needs to display his hand by using disasters, something man cannot fight. America and her allies, NATO, think that they can? kill women and children, and take over countries with their drones, and other weapons. The innocent poor people of D.C. should be spared. The Pentagon, White House, and Capitol Hill will be next. All the lying, no-good politicians need to be in Washington D.C. when the earthquake hits. Make sure Hilary Clinton and Obama is there, with their pro-war rear ends.

  4. ToxicDreamer says:

    @luke94123 Russia Caused a nuclear meltdown in Japan that made the entire? Japanese Capitol nuclear radioactive and next i think they want to make the Capitol of the united states nuclear radioactive by causing a nuclear meltdown at the lake anna nuclear power plant

  5. implicaverse says:

    Mini black holes from the Large Hadron Collider.?

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