Washington monument wird durch Erdbeben zerstört

December 10th, 2011

From TV show “The Event”

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Video on top of the Washington Monument. Panoramic view
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  1. 16891291616 says:


  2. yoshihawv says:

    In Mike Leigh’s 2008? film Happy-Go-Lucky, the driving instructor character Scott further reveals his inner turmoil by describing the Washington Monument as being “555 feet above the ground, and 111 feet below the ground”, which according to him significantly add up to 666. This is the statement of a fictional character in a film, and not a matter of fact.[

  3. 2wheels88 says:

    @SamTheDragon31 What are you on about? The Washington Monument is exactly 666feet High No BS it’s fact.The egyptian obelisk that it is represents the male and waters nearby represent female,this is well known fact.Try openong a book, It is not my religion,it is however an ancient religious symbol pertainig to the sun god Horus,just another fact.Perhaps you had better stick to dungeon’s and dragons,afterall your 31 and still don’t? know shit!!!! washington is by freemason founding fathers moron!!!

  4. SamTheDragon31 says:

    @2wheels88 Um, ok…you can follow your lunatic religions how you want in your own time. The US is a country free from religion. This means that you can practice what you want, how you want. However, it must not offend anyone or? cause a potential harm to the country period. Just because some book says that this number you state has some relation to the Washington monument is straight BS. I highly doubt that ANY God/Gods/Goddess’s would want the destruction of their people.

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