Washington State Close to Providing Gay Marriage Rights, GOP’s Pathetic Complaints

March 4th, 2012

From the Majority Report, live MF 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at Majority.FM The state senate passed the bill providing same sex marriage rights in Washington state last night. The Republicans in the state senate provided the most pathetic complaints…

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  1. BenchitoJREL says:

    Break the next generation of children?? No if the children are fat !!!!!!!!!?

  2. brionnakennedy says:

    The best? way to break up the next generation of children???? HMMMM I give up

  3. CraigMetalHead says:

    “Societal Tradition”? Fuck that tradition, some tradition needs to die. All the worst things about humanity? can be considered tradition, doesnt mean we dont need to stop fucking hating each other over trivial bullshit based on misinformation and flat out ignorance.

  4. CraigMetalHead says:

    @357Lobster? So… what? Their brain and penis/downtown frown?

  5. begarb77 says:

    …Coming? to Maine…

  6. MUTT1126 says:

    break apart children? simple.? “I HATE GAY PEOPLE.”

  7. FengxianLeTerrible says:



  8. 357Lobster says:

    He? means physically break them apart then reassemble them without the gay parts. Problem solved!

  9. fakeadam19 says:

    the best? way to? break up the next generation of children: If they allow gay marriage then those gay couples won’t have babies.

    Wait, what?

  10. TheHikoriOne says:

    the best way to break up the next generation of children:? something something something 911….

  11. molierelover says:

    Clearly if he can stop them from getting married, those male/male or female/female gay couples will thereby be stopped from reproducing! And since “the gay” is passed on genetically (the double-gay gene is twice as likely to be passed on to the next generation), he will break the vicious cycle of homosexuality passing from fathers to sons or from mothers to daughters. “Let’s end the gay in this generation!” (It’s science, man; don’t you get? it?)

  12. MedievalWerewolf says:

    Tears are? delicious

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