Washington – The Hardest Part

December 3rd, 2011

Music video by Washington performing The Hardest Part. (C) 2010 Washington
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses

  1. SnapAtMeJasper says:

    No Vevo I will not watch Katy Perry.

  2. ADefectiveMind says:

    Artist: Seabellies
    Album: Trans Ending

    VEVO… screwing it up as usual.

  3. TheAmylaa says:

    i still like the dress at the end (:

  4. TheDellanator says:

    @MrCatfeet LOL!!!!

  5. MrCatfeet says:

    @TheDellanator cos there sexy

  6. omnomnomrosie says:

    that was such a pretty dress

  7. NoodleGunk says:

    Imagine how dirty you would feel after shooting that! she would have had to cover herself in ink (or paint or whatever) 4 or more times. Yuck Yuck. looks cool tho.

  8. Thirster says:

    @BlimeyThere no

  9. TheDellanator says:

    why is always cutting vegetables in her music videos?

  10. bellafknbanana says:

    this is a great song to clean your room to, because i remember her dancing and my room gets clean too 😀

  11. hayleyannah says:

    she dances like a spastic.

  12. z3329885 says:

    stop bashing aussies! we’re awwsum^^

  13. ryanroo6 says:

    that beta b chocolate…lol

  14. BBT2531 says:



  15. WiccaNightEmber says:

    Way to ruin a cute dress, but whatevs. 😀

  16. hayleyannah says:

    lol she dances like a retard but its cute

  17. billandben0000 says:

    @ReidddThompson not if i do first 😛

  18. croftyben1 says:

    shes like a hotter alice glass

  19. McDaedelus says:

    …So THAT’S what happened to my last place.. Ms Washington, you’re paying the bond I didn’t get back.

  20. mokeywine says:

    I feel for the person who had to clean this up!

  21. ReidddThompson says:

    One day I will marry Megan Washington.

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