What are some important actions that George Washington did after he became president?

January 26th, 2012

Question by bubblely: What are some important actions that George Washington did after he became president?
I am looking for actions that influenced the government (the executive branch particularly.) Like when the delegates created the Constitution, the legislative branch held the power but in the 21st century the executive branch holds the power.
Some things that influenced that is the creation of the National bank (Told the people the government can influence the economy) and in the Whiskey Rebellion Washington sent troops, etc

What are some other acts from Washington that may be under this category?
Preferably actions that happened while he was the president. (After he became president.) So anything that happened between 1789-1799. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by “weee…”
I know that he had warned the U.S. about having different parties; i.e. democratic vs. republican party.


This is my personal favorite :

“Washington longed to retire to his fields at Mount Vernon. But he soon realized that the Nation under its Articles of Confederation was not functioning well, so he became a prime mover in the steps leading to the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787. When the new Constitution was ratified, the Electoral College unanimously elected Washington President.”

“He did not infringe upon the policy making powers that he felt the Constitution gave Congress. But the determination of foreign policy became preponderantly a Presidential concern. When the French Revolution led to a major war between France and England, Washington refused to accept entirely the recommendations of either his Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, who was pro-French, or his Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, who was pro-British. Rather, he insisted upon a neutral course until the United States could grow stronger.”

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  1. Ian H says:

    After retiring from the presidency in March 1797, Washington returned to Mount Vernon with a profound sense of relief. He devoted much time to farming.

    On July 4, 1798, Washington was commissioned by President John Adams to be Lieutenant General and Commander-in-chief of the armies raised or to be raised for service in a prospective war with France. He served as the senior officer of the United States Army between July 13, 1798 and December 14, 1799. He participated in the planning for a Provisional Army to meet any emergency that might arise, but did not take the field.

  2. bob n says:

    He quit after four years, setting the principal that was used today. He knew when to quit.

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