When does Obama and the Dems start taking responsibility for the failier of America?

March 22nd, 2012

Question by : When does Obama and the Dems start taking responsibility for the failier of America?
Blaming the Bush administration for Obama’s spending and Obama’s poor choices isn’t cutting it anymore.

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Answer by Trajan
when will you start taking responsibility for the failure or America? After all, America is made up of people like you.

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  1. Anonymous Viking says:

    I refuse to take responsibility for any failiers anywhere.

  2. Ye Olde Fasc-Fiter says:

    Do you take responsibility for not being able to spell?

    Give him more time!

  3. Revolt Already Cowards says:

    Not cutting it anymore with whom? You?

    You’re irrelevant.

  4. Cherry says:

    Gee, maybe it’s because Rep’s will not stand up and be accountable for their illegal action.

    We are a nation of laws, unless your saying that Rep’s should be above the Constitution.

  5. Ken says:

    President Obama inherited a mess – a foreign policy mess, an economics mess and a business community unregulated and out of control. He’s doing well and he deserves your support. You might benefit from a more historical review and one less party-oriented.

  6. Jimmy J says:

    What is a failier?

    When will idiots like you start taking responsibility and learn to read and write at an adult level?

  7. Buck Fush says:

    What’s a “failier?”

    I hope Jimmy J’s answer is not deleted. It’s completely true.

  8. callaea says:

    Unfortunately, we are still seeing the effects of the Bush Administration, which I am still a Bush fan. However, dems as a whole must take responsibility for their actions now. The senate has been a Democratic majority for enough time to take responsibility for their actions. Bush couldn’t have done anything on his own for the last year of his term, even if he wanted to, because Congress had a say in what was being done. The whole blaming the Bush Adminitstration thing is an excuse, and honestly, I think there will always be some excuse.

  9. yablocksthetruth says:

    Never. Democrats have destroyed our economy through forced regulations on our banking industry. They forced the banks to provide loans in all neighborhoods at the same rate reguardless of down payment and payment history. When the banks made it clear that they would be in violation of federal regulations due to taking on this higher risk at the same reward (interest rate received) Democrat Clinton told them not to worry he’ll have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy them. This increased the amount of people that could get loans and therefore increased demand changing the supply/demand curve and due to higher demand than what was available in the current market prices went up. Due to increasing value the bad loans didn’t matter because they could be refinanced or foreclosed on and someone else was waiting there to buy it at the inflated price. The Republicans tried on 12 separate occasions the change this rediculous system and the Democrats blocked them every time. Democrats want America to fail so they can say they are helping the people by implementing their Socialist/Communist agendas. The Democrat Party’s program is to steal from Paul to pay Pedro and Peter and therefore win elections by 2/3rds of the vote. Look at how they have dumbed down our educational system. Look at how they blocked social security reform, knowing it would go bankrupt soon. Look at how they are pouring our money into bankrupt companies. Look at how they have blocked for years our country’s ability to produce it’s own electricity and oil. That is the core issue of hurting our US auto industry. Democrats don’t take responsibility for what they destroy. They state a lie as many times as they can and know the media will report it as the truth. It’s horrible.

  10. cheryl says:

    He meant failure you idiots.

  11. danrathersatitagain says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t normally pick on spelling, but since ‘failure’ is the main word in this question, I believe it should be spelled correctly. No politician will ever take responsibility for their failures.

  12. 123parrott123 says:

    capitalism as a whole is to blame

  13. Absolute power corrupts says:

    They will still blame others – even in 2011 they will still blame others – self-introspection is not their strong suit.

  14. Fred K says:

    Right after the Republicans own up to the last 8 years.kind of expensive isn’t it cleaning up after the last 8 years of Failed policy’s

  15. Let's talk says:

    NEVER…they never wil, they will continue to blame others

  16. slip says:

    Did you say “take responsibility” in the same breath as the word Dem? Wow I’ve never seen this before. The most repeated phrase in the Obama administration whenever someone points to their failed socialist agenda is “we inherited this from the Bush administration”.

    Funny – You never heard Reagan say this while he was handling the Carter recession or Bush with the Clinton recession.

    I guess the slogan “The buck stops here” is a capitalist term Obama doesn’t subscribe to.

  17. Alarmist for Hire says:

    Obama and the Democrats might be to blame for some American failures.

    But your failure at spelling is all your fault.

  18. Nvr2soon says:

    While the Chosen One is in office, the communist led media will give
    Obama an “A” on any thing that goes right. If it goes wrong they will blame it on Bush and give Bush an “F”

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