When will Sen. Reid start those Senate hearings into the financial crisis that precipitated this recession?

January 22nd, 2012

Question by The emperor has no clothes: When will Sen. Reid start those Senate hearings into the financial crisis that precipitated this recession?
Over a year ago, Sen. Reid promised to hold hearings into the factors responsible for the current economic recession. He even set the date, November 20, 2008. Well, here it is, one year later and still no hearings. You would have thought that given the scope, depth and devastation that this recession has caused that the senate would take the time out of the busy schedule to get to the bottom of it so that we can possibly avoid something like this in the future.

Why didn’t he hold this hearing and is he still planning on having one?

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Answer by Dice
Right now he is walking in a circle and doesn’t know wheather to sneeze or draw a small straw.

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  1. garyb1616 says:

    They will not investigate themselves..

    “There is no problem at Fannie Mae” … Barny Frank

    “I think this is a case where Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE – News) and Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM – News) are fundamentally sound. They’re not in danger of going under I think they are in good shape going forward.” — Barney Frank (D-Mass.), House Financial Services Committee chairman, July 14, 2008

    Two months later, the government forced the mortgage giants into conservatorships and pledged to invest up to $ 100 billion in each.

    And Obama threatens to fire CEO’s for bad judgment…..

  2. ItsJustMe says:

    I would say that he is planning on holding them on the 8th of NEVER.

    It was the Democrats in Congress that were largely responsible for precipitating the recession. They couldn’t very well have hearings going into the recent elections, could they? They lost 2 influential governorships as it was.

    And don’t expect those hearings to ever take place. One thing a member of Congress will never do is admit responsibility for something that didn’t go well.

  3. goodluckwithhat says:

    Never. The Democrats caused this and they know it. They’d rather not expose themselves to the scrutiny. Who knows how much truth will come out.

  4. Die Quickly says:

    Never… He would have to indict Barney Frank if he did that….

  5. Max Power says:

    It will never happen. The democrats (and a few repubs) blocked any reform into the mortgage industry. It is easier for the dems to blame Bush and the media will not look into the facts.

  6. chris s says:

    It’s funny how congress investigates baseball steroids but no one wants to look into the economic failure. We all know Frank and Dodd would end up on the stand.

  7. RoseRed2 says:

    Probably never.He will be out of there after 2010 elections.The problem is Obama has more power than a radical president should have.Reid has sold out.Polosi has too.

  8. Raymond says:

    You get the brass ring on this one. Thank you. Once again the left and it’s leaders duck another
    promise. This is the art of the Liberal left at its best. DO unto to others the most we can. However
    do unto us nothing, for we are the gate keeper.

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